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Short Birding Tour

Highlight: Local Guides & Naturalist Services Provided


Bird Watching & Chambal River Safari Tour

Day 1
Arrive New Delhi

Arrive Delhi transfer to a luxury hotel. The is the Capital City of India and for overseas a window to the colorful mix that the country is. Time permitting we will see monumets like Red Fort, Swami Narayan Temple, Qutib Minar and a delicious lunch at Mughal Gardens.

Day 2
Visit Taj Mahal

Visit Taj Mahal & Red Fort and then to Bharatpur. The iconic Taj Mahal is a mausoleum of a legendary King's wife Shah Jehan. The edifice is made of marble with exquisite carvings and flower motifs and screens. The overall architecture is stunning and absorbing whence seen from close.

At Bharatpur we will visit the park in company of the local guide. The birding is done mostly on foot while the peddle rickshaws are used to ferry us from the hotel to the center. Being one of the most visited park in Bharatpur we will meet many fellow ornithologists during the survey.

On this expedition we will seek many targeted birds like the Siberian rubythroat, dusky warbler, Blyth's Leaf Warbler, Syke's Warbler, Sarus Crane, Rosy Pelican, Common Crane, Ferrugious pochard, Greater spotted and Indian eagle, Eurasian Marsh Harrier, Dusky Eagle Owl, Long Eared Nightjar, Tickell's thrush, Eurasian Sparrow Hawk, Ruddy Crake, Striated Heron, Great Bittern, Chestnut Bittern and Yellow Bittern and the wintering palearctic migrants numerous duck and teals that inhabit the wetlands of the bird sanctuary.

The sanctaury spread over 28 sq.km comprises of extensive shallow wetlands, marshes, grasslands, groves and drier plains making it an ideal place of large avian families. Our guide will take us to these diverse habitats in order to make a checklist of avian present there. At the end we would have seen more than hundred species common and less seen.
Day 3
Fullday Birding

Full Day Bird Watching.

Day 4
To Chambal Lodge

The Chambal Lodge at Bah township is situated at seventy kilometers from Agra. The boat trip is organized at distance of twenty two kilometers at Chambal Riber and it is worth all the efforts. The river is North India's most enchanting and cleanest river system habitat of variety of floral and faunal elements.

The river is surrounded by lofty mountains which comprise of sand and rock. In between the river sandy outcrops jut out providing breeding space to Indian skimmers, the ones with rock surface are used by the reptiles to bask in the sun. The shore are barren except for some places where vegetables are grown. The wildlife seen on the shores include jackal, fox, hyena, leopard, chinkara and more.

The National Chambal Sanctuary and is 400km of protected area and boasts of 250 species of birds alongside marsh crocodile, gavial, turtles, smooth coated otters and the rare Gangetic river dolphin.

Birds seen here are Indian skimmer, Osprey, sand lark, Bonelli's Eagle, laggar falcon, Indian eagle owl, bar headed geese, gray lag geese, black bellied tern, chestnut bellied sandgrouse, whiskered tern, wooly necked stork and many more. In two and half hours of ride a large number of species can be checklisted.

Day 5
Chambl Birding Safari

Birding & River safari. The ride is on motor boat manned by experts at helm. The river though appears calm can be turbulent at places. The shores comprise of sand and rocks while the mountains are mostly sandy with holes or crevices that harbour the breeding owls and raptors. The picturesque settings are home to plethora of birds and wild animals whom you often see peaking from the beach and mounds. The panorama is spectacular and your enthusiasm is boosted by great sightings.

Though the focus is on the river for the reptiles and fish the Ganges Dolphin and large turtles are often seen while riding on the motor boat. The motor boat ride is generally of two and a half hours but it delivers much. Not only the birds, reptiles and animals are a reason for a thrilling experience. The rural activities and landscapes create a picture of serenity. The boating excites you to bone as the helmsmen negotiate shallow waters on the shores full of aquatic traps and the white waters in the middle where the river flows fast. Chambal River Boating is two and half hours of pure fun and discovery ideal for birders and wildlife lovers. A good pair of binoculars and a spotting scope works wonders. The lodge provides a bird guide on the trip.

Day 6
To New Delhi

To New Delhi hotel.

Day 7
Transfer airport

Transfer to international airport.

Accommodation and Meals

6 Nights in Hotels/lodges, Includes all meals


Internal flights, Airport pick up & drop, Air conditioned car/Coach

Group Size

Approx 1 to 16

Tour Staff

Local guides & dedicated tour escort in groups.