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Responsible Tourism

As responsible tour company we follow eco friendly policies. We conduct feasible groups. In order to encourage local community management practice we employ local experts, guides and assistance. This is in order to encourage local talent and to pass of benefits of tourism to communities that are part of the ecosystems. The income sharing encourages locals to conserve the National heritage. This also removes resentment among local communities who otherwise would have been innocent bystanders.

We provide accommodation at eco friendly hotels and resorts which are environmentally friendly. These properties use local recyclable resources to minimize negative impact on ecosystems. We prefer lodges using solar power, recycle natural resource and conserve water.

We prevent sale purchase or trading in animal products or antiques and product of of archeological and historical value. We promote arts and crafts from local artisans. We donate a part of income to Jagriti orphanage in India. We provide funds to schools and hospitals. We conduct educational tours and lectures as part of our awareness campaign.